DOT Code Explained

DOT Code Explained

With the Easter break approaching, many people are starting to get their caravans out of storage. Because caravans are used less frequently than a car the tyres don’t lose their tread as quickly. However even though the tread depth may be legal the tyres could be dangerous: even a visibly new-looking tyre is more than five years old the rubber compound could have deteriorated, making the tyre dangerous to use. To know the age of a tyre you need to know the DOT code.

DOT code explained

DOT stands for the Department of Transportation and is a code marked on the tyre’s sidewall. DOT, and the numbers and letters following it, indicate the place and date the tyre was manufactured.

How to check a tyre’s age? 

DOT is followed by numbers that indicate the tyre factory and date of manufacture. Production time is shown by the last three to four digits.

A 3-digit numbers indicate a production date before 2000 – so the tyres definitely need to be changed. In 2000, a fourth digit was added and so since then, the first two digits indicates the week of manufacture and the last two digits show the year. So 1417 in the example picture above means the 14th week of 2017.

A tyre sold as new product will be safe to use for at least five years. We recommend that once a tyre is five years old, it should be checked at least once a year by a specialist.

Tyre’s place of manufacture

The place a tyre was manufactured is indicated by the phrase MADE IN … , also on the sidewall. The digits directly after the DOT code are for the factory which made the tyre.

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