Do I Need A Brake Inspection?

If you are worried about the performance of your brakes or you would like to have them checked before you go on a long journey, then please book an appointment at Car Clinic Ellesmere Port and one of our expert brake technicians will undertake a no-obligation brake inspection for you. We will provide you with information on your brakes and a quote for any work that we recommend.

Do I Need A Brake Inspection?

There are a number of signs of brake problems:

Grinding – When the material on the brake pads is worn, it can result in a grinding noise.

Squeaking – This could suggest the brake calliper is stuck.

Pulsating – If you can feel a pulsating from the brake pedal when you apply the brakes, the brake disc is most likely warped from excessive heat. It no longer has a perfectly flat surface. If this only occurs under hard braking, it could be the ABS system but you should have it checked out if it happens a lot.

Pulling – if your car goes to the left or right when you put on the brakes it is usually indicative of a sticking component – fore example a seized calliper.

Sponginess – If the brake pedal feels spongy, air may have entered the brakes lines. That prevents the brake fluid from flowing effectively.

Soft Brake Pedal – if your brake pedal is limp and goes down to the floor, there is a serious braking system fault which must be inspected immediately.

Dashboard Light – if you have a brake warning light on your instrument panel it usually means the fluid level is critically low.

Handbrake – If your handbrake is pulling up higher than normal it may need adjusting.

Old Brake Fluid – Brake fluid over 2 years old loses effectiveness as it absorbs moisture. This affects braking capability.

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