Dangerous MOT Failures on the Rise

Dangerous MOT Failures on the Rise

Over a million cars on British roads failed their MOT last year because of defects that were so dangerous they posed an ‘immediate risk to road safety or would have a serious impact on the environment’ under the new, stricter MOT rules.

Dangerous MOT Failures on the Rise

The findings were published in an analysis of DVSA data from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made by a car buying comparison website in November 2018. It shows that since 20th May 2018 (the date that the new MOT rules came in), a total of 1,131,376 cars failed due to dangerous defects. On average, nearly a third of cars that failed were for “dangerous” faults.

Under the new rules, defects fall into one of three categories: dangerous, major or minor. A vehicle fails if it has a dangerous or major fault. Dangerous defects can include hydraulic fluid leakage; brake problems; and wheels that are in a dangerous condition.

A vehicle is not legal to be driven on the road if it fails with a dangerous fault. If it fails for a major defect, then the repair must be made as soon as possible, but the car may still be driven so long as it remains roadworthy and the old MOT is still valid.

Alex Buttle, director of Motorway.co.uk, said: ‘We were surprised by the number of cars registered to drive on UK roads that are dangerous. These are just the vehicles been tested since the new rules came in’

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