Correct Tyre Pressure Matters!

Correct Tyre Pressure Matters!

Can you remember the last time you had a look under the bonnet of your car? If you haven’t looked in a while, you’re not alone. Modern cars are more reliable than ever. That means the things we should regularly check –  like oil levels – often slip our mind. No wonder we’re less likely than ever to check we have the correct tyre pressure.

Having the Correct Tyre Pressure Matters   

When it comes to tyre pressures too much or too little air can both be dangerous. Incorrectly inflated tyres wear out unevenly and need replacing more often.

Under Inflated Tyres

These are dangerous because they directly affect the way your car handles and stops. Since under-inflated tyres are softer, they can increase the chances of you getting a puncture. Under-inflated tyres wear more quickly at the edges, which affects handling.

Over Inflated Tyres

With over-inflated tyres, the risk of high-speed blow-outs increases as there is less ’give‘ in the tyre. A high-speed blow-out is extremely dangerous. Over-inflated tyres wear more in the centre, resulting losing tread right where it makes the most contact with the road.

TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

All new vehicles sold in the EU now must have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed. This technology uses sensor valves to monitor each tyre’s pressure. If the tyre pressure drops suddenly, then a warning light alerts the driver to check the pressure manually. If your vehicle has TPMS, you need to ensure it is maintained by a qualified technician. A faulty TPMS will automatically fail your MOT.

How To You Have The Check Tyre Pressure

It is recommended that you check tyre pressures at least once a month. Tyre pressure readings are more accurate when tyres are cold so check them before you begin a journey. You will find your vehicle’s correct tyre pressure values on the inside of the fuel cap, or on a plate inside the driver door.

  • Remove your tyre’s valve dust cover
  • Attach the air hose.
  • Either top up or release air until the pressures are correct.
  • Repeat for all wheels – don’t forget the spare!

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