Consider Using Metal Dust Caps

Your car will come fitted with plastic dust caps on the valves of each tyre. It is possible to replace or upgrade these with metal versions – are they worth the money and do your dust caps really matter? Read on to find out more about our guide to tyre valve metal dust caps.

Consider Using Metal Dust Caps                               

The tyre valve stems protrude from the steel rim of each one of your wheels to allow you to pump the tyres up when it is required. The only problem with this arrangement is that your tyre valves are exposed to the elements have to and take on everything the road can throw at them. That is the reason that reputable Ellesmere Port Tyre fitters will always replace the valve in each one of the tyres whenever a tyre bead is broken to repair or replace one of your tyres.

You can help to prolong the life of your tyre valves between new tyres by replacing the plastic tyre valve dust caps with metal tyre valve dust caps when you purchase one or more new tyres. A metal valve stem cover will not only protect the tyre valve itself from weathering and road damage, but they look great too and can be provided with a number of decorative finishes. The polished metal tyre valve covers fit tightly over the tyre valve stem to protect it, and they are sturdy yet lightweight so they will not affect your wheel balancing.

You can smarten up your wheels and protect your tyre valves by adding metal dust caps. 

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