Cold Weather Car Fails

When it comes to cars, winter is a season for mishaps. Cold weather causes havoc, leading to some dodgy solutions.

Cold Weather Car Fails

To help you avoid embarrassing yourself, here are the biggest cold weather car fails we’ve heard of.

Boiling water, cracked windscreen

In a rush? Many of us have tried pouring boiling water on our windscreens to clear ice. What harm can it do?

A lot, actually! The quick change in temperature may cause a windscreen to crack or completely shatter. The water might also freeze onto the windscreen, compounding the problem!

Impromptu ice scrapers

When trying to clear your windscreen, stick to an ice scraper. It may be tempting to use a credit card, but what if it snaps?

Make sure your car’s fully de-iced

Whatever you do, ensure your windows are all fully de-iced before starting your journey. Failure to do so limits visibility, which is dangerous. Plus, you’ll only end up having to pull over and de-ice your car again by the side of the road.

Windscreen wiper woes

Never try and operate your windscreen wipers if they’re frozen to the windscreen. Doing so can scratch the windscreen, break your wipers, or even burn out their motor.

Don’t let your screenwash run dry

Without screenwash, wet winter roads will quickly cover your windscreen ion dirt and grime. It’s illegal to drive without any screenwash in your car’s reservoir.

Leaving keys in the ignition

Defrosting a car takes longer than you’d like. We’ve all scraped away at the ice, with the keys in the ignition so the heater can work its magic. But have you ever finished and realised you’ve locked yourself out of the car? There are also stories of opportunistic thieves jumping into a running car and driving it away!

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