Choosing The Correct Tyre For Your Caravan

As a rule, replacement caravan tyres should match the ones you are replacing. However, in a number of situations, this might not be the case so it’s important to know the following when choosing the correct tyre for your caravan.   

  • the original tyre specification is no longer available
  • the original tyre specification was inadequate or incorrect
  • the payload of the caravan has gone up
  • the size of the caravan wheels has changed – for example, the fitting of alloy wheels

Choosing The Correct Tyre For Your Caravan

If you need to choose a replacement caravan tyre that is different to what is fitted, follow this checklist.

  • Identify the wheel diameter, tyre size, and the maximum caravan weight.
  • Select suitable tyres to match the wheel diameter, with a load index sufficient for the maximum weight of the caravan and have a speed symbol of ‘M’ (81mph) or greater.
  • Do not choose tyres where the maximum weight of the caravan is more than 90% of the load index.
  • If the width differs slightly (e.g. 185 compared to 175) they are likely to be compatible, unless the clearance around the wheel is small.
  • If the width differs significantly, and/or if the rim width has changed, check the diameter of the tyres will fit within the wheel box.
  • Avoid extremely low-profile tyres unless they are specified by the caravan manufacturer
  • Do not choose a commercial (‘C’ suffix) tyre unless a suitable ‘car type’ tyre is not

Identifying the correct tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is important – the safety and durability of your caravan’s tyres depend on them being correctly inflated. The wrong pressure can affect the handling of the caravan and increase fuel consumption. Every tyre has an optimum inflation pressure based on its load. Caravans generally operate close to their maximum weight, so it is sensible to choose the optimum pressure for that load.

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