Car Servicing and MOTs during Lockdown 2

Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

New rules in England are set to come into force today that will alter the way we go about our daily business to stem the spread of the coronavirus. It includes non-essential retailers being forced to close and people are asked to stay at home whenever possible. But what does Lockdown 2 mean for servicing and MOTs? Read our car servicing and MOTs during Lockdown 2 article for more information…

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How to Prepare Your Car for Colder and Wetter Weather

How to Prepare Your Car for Colder and Wetter Weather

How to Prepare Your Car for Colder and Wetter Weather

Autumn and winter months take their toll on your car. Not only do you have to deal with increasingly cold temperatures, but rain and dark nights can make driving more difficult. Please read our article in full on how to prepare your car for colder and wetter weather now…

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Car Maintenance Checks

Car Maintenance Checks

Car Maintenance Checks

Don’t wait for your MOT to check your vehicle is in working order. There are several car maintenance checks you can do yourself to ensure your car is roadworthy.

Car Maintenance Checks

1. Tyre tread

Your car’s tyres are very important, so inspect them frequently – especially the tread depth. Making sure each tyre has enough tread is vital to make your car grip in the wet. Each tyre on your vehicle must have 1.6mm of tread or more. If you are caught with tyres with tread depths below the limit, you will get a fine and points on your licence – per tyre.

2. Tyre pressure

As well as tread depth, measure tyre pressure regularly. Your vehicle’s handling can be erratic if your tyres are wrongly inflated, and it affects grip. This is dangerous at high speeds. The correct tyre pressures are in your car manual or door sill.

3. Engine oil levels

Checking the engine oil is easy. Make sure the engine is cold then open the bonnet. Find the dipstick, pull it out of its tube and wipe off the excess oil with a cloth. Push it all the way in and pull it out again, looking where the oil stuck to it. Markings on the end indicate if your oil level is low.

4. Lights

You should check your headlights, indicators, reversing, fog and brake lights all work properly. This is quick to do and easier if someone helps you. Alternatively, park by a window and use the reflection.

5. Screen Wash and windscreen wipers

Make sure your wipers don’t leave streaks or smears on the window and top up your windscreen fluid if it gets low.

Car Clinic MOT Centre –Ellesmere Port garage

Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port garage, is the place to go for your Ellesmere Port MOT. For a free quote for car repairs Ellesmere Port, Ellesmere port car servicing or new tyres Ellesmere Port than just give them a ring on 0151 3390101.

Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

If something as innocuous a blown bulb fails an MOT, will a cracked windscreen have the same effect? Not always…

Seven Things That Will Not Fail Your MOT

Sometimes your car will pass the MOT with an advisory note, highlighting issues that must be addressed soon.

1. Cracked windscreen

The MOT checks the windscreen for cracks, but you can get away with some damage. Chips or cracks less than 10mm diameter and in the driver’s line of vision don’t fail. Nor do cracks of less than 40mm in the area that is cleaned by the windscreen wipers but not in the driver’s line of vision.

2. Worn brake pads

Brake pads do wear out over time, affecting braking efficiency. Unless the brake pads are less than the limit of 1.5mm, you won’t fail. Most mechanics recommend replacing brake pads if the friction material is less than 3mm.

3. Worn tyres

Tyres must have a tread depth of the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If your tyres are over this, the MOT is passed even if they’re worn. Ideally, you should replace at 3mm.

4. Hole in the exhaust

Exhausts only fail if they have a major leak, or emissions are unsafe. If you are told there is a hole in the exhaust, assume it needs a new one.

5. Coolant leak

A vehicle will only fail its MOT if a fluid leak creates a pool more than 75mm in diameter within five minutes, or several leaks collectively leak fluid at that rate.

6. Dented wing or bumper

So long as the doors open and close, a dented wing won’t usually cause an MOT fail. Front doors must always open from both inside and out.

7. Rumbling noise from the gearbox

The MOT doesn’t cover the gearbox, clutch or engine (apart from its emissions), so a sound from the gearbox doesn’t fail. You should get it checked by a mechanic, though!

Car Clinic MOT Centre

Car Clinic MOT Centre car garage Ellesmere Port is currently open. We are following hygiene and social distancing guidance from the government and NHS to protect the health, safety as well as the well-being of our staff and customers. Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates regularly. For a free no-obligation quote for tyres Ellesmere Port, MOT Ellesmere Port or car servicing Ellesmere Port, just give our team a call on 0151 339 0101 or pop in to see us.

What If My Car Breaks Down During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Will The Coronavirus Shutdown Affect My Car Warranty?

Will The Coronavirus Shutdown Affect My Car Warranty

Some people are concerned that their car warranty will be invalidated if they cannot get their car serviced during the coronavirus outbreak.

Will the Coronavirus Shutdown affect my car warranty?

In normal times, failing to have your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate your warranty. The time between services, ensuring that your garage uses the right approved parts and having all of the specified work carried out is very important. However, due to the current crisis situation, most experts believe that the usual rules will have to be altered to account for the fact many garages are closed down and non-essential use of cars is prohibited.

What About My MOT?

The government has announced that MOTs falling due while the lockdown is in progress can be delayed by six months. You still must keep your car roadworthy and will need to have your car MOT test done eventually, but you at least have a grace period before the MOT is required.

After the Lockdown

After the lockdown has ended, your local garage will be able to complete any service work or MOTs that are due and make sure your car is roadworthy. It is a good idea to have a general health check of your vehicle at this point, as the battery and other key components will have been allowed to stand for a long time and could be at greater risk of failure.

Car Clinic MOT Centre

Our Ellesmere port garage is currently closed until Monday 27th April in the interests of the health, safety and well-being of our customers as well as our staff. Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates, as we will be staying connected with our valued MOT Ellesmere Port, tyres Ellesmere Port & car garages Ellesmere Port customers. Look after one another, we will see you soon.

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