Motorhome Tyre Ageing

How To Check Caravan and Motorhome Tyre Ageing?

Preparing your caravan or motorhome for a long journey is a very important step to ensure your enjoyment and safety. What could possibly be worse than carefully planning every last detail of your touring holiday – only then to have to spend hours on the roadside waiting for assistance because of a tyre failure? So how do you check caravan and motorhome tyre ageing?

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Tyre Insurance

Have Your New Tyres Insured For Free!

Here at Car Clinic MOT Centre we are always striving to bring you the best value for money possible and our latest offering having your new tyres insured for free is no exception. We have teamed up with Rubber Ring Tyre Insurance to provide you with 4 weeks cover for any new tyre you purchase regardless of price or brand. Continue reading our article to find out more…

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Disc Brakes

What Are Disc Brakes?

Today’s brakes involve a number of different components working together in concert to ensure you can stop and manoeuvre a vehicle whilst keeping it under control. The key components of a vehicle’s braking system are: a master cylinder, servo, brake callipers on each wheel, hydraulic fluid and then disks, pads, cylinders, drums and shoes. All the braking components are linked together by a network of hoses and pipes. Read our article in full about what disc brakes are…

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Heavy Vehicles

Ban On Ten Year Old Tyres for Heavy Vehicles

From 1st February 2021, the Construction and Use Regulations will ban tyres aged over 10 years old from being used on the front steered axles of heavy vehicles such as HGVs, buses and coaches, as well as all single wheels on a minibus with 9 to 16 passenger seats. If they are found on such a vehicle it will get a dangerous fail at its annual MOT test.

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