Caring for Classic Cars

Whether your car is a vintage model or just an older model, it needs a little more care than one that just came off the forecourt. Read our caring for classic cars guide to find out more…

Caring for Classic Cars

A third of British car owners have a vehicle registered before 2010, so here are some tips for taking care of older cars.

Protect Against Winter

If your classic car is valuable and you want to keep it pristine, you may choose to put in storage over winter, to protect it from the elements. If you just want to ensure your car is protected when you’re not using it, consider:

Park in a damp-free environment

If using a garage overnight, make sure it’s free from humidity as this can corrode paintwork and even cause mould.

Check fluid and fuel levels

Keep the cars tank as full as possible to stop condensation from forming. Check engine fluids to prevent the engine from freezing up.

Use a car cover

Cover your car with a tailored car cover to protect it from paint-fading sunlight.

Clean on a Regular Basis

A weekly wash prevents grime from building up and destroying your paintwork.

Protect the Interior

It is easy for an older car to get damaged. If your classic car has leather or coated fabrics, wipe them with a dry cloth. For other fabrics, vacuum the material to remove dust.

Keep an Eye on the Brakes

Keeping the brakes in good condition is vital. You should replace the brake fluid every two years.

Replace Rubber and Filters

Filters and fluids can get forgotten. Be sure to check the air filters, transmission fluid filter and any others when you change your oil and replace them if needed. Rubber seals crack over time, so replace them to prevent leaks.

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