Caravan Tyres & Your Safety

Caravan tyres are the only area of a caravan which is in contact with the road. Acceleration, braking and cornering all rely on this relatively small area of contact. It is paramount that your tyres are well maintained at all times, and that when you change them, the right replacement tyres are fitted. Read our caravan tyres & your safety advice article for more information…

Caravan Tyres & Your Safety

Check your caravan tyres regularly – and particularly in Spring when the caravan has not been used for a while. Look for any sign of deterioration in the tyres due to age – such as cracking of the sidewall or deformation of the carcass. Tyres on a parked vehicle, particularly in coastal areas, will age more quickly than those used regularly. If your caravan is going to be left to stand, cover the tyres and to shield them from direct sunlight.

Caravan Tyres Minimum Tread Depth

To ensure compliance with the law, a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is required across the full tread width. In the interests of your safety, we advise that you replace your tyres well before they reach the legal limit. Many tyre manufacturers recommend that tyres (including spares) of a certain age are replaced, even if the tread has not reached the minimum depth. Most tyres would have to be changed for tread wear before the prescribed age, but caravans will cover fewer miles.

Caravan Tyres Remember the ‘Golden Rules’!

  • Fit the right kind of caravan tyres on your caravan
  • Make sure your tyres are in good condition before travelling
  • Check your tyre pressures with an accurate tyre pressure gauge
  • Do not overload your caravan
  • Regularly check your caravan tyres for signs of damage and remove any trapped stones
  • Drive at comfortable speeds – always within the speed limit
  • Avoid rapid manoeuvres
  • Respect the caravan manufacturer’s tyre recommendations at all times

Caravan Tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre

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