Caravan Tyre Safety This Easter Holidays

If you are going away on holiday in your caravan this Easter Holidays, do not neglect your tyres. If a caravan is infrequently used it could lose tyre pressure or the tyres might need replacing. Here are some caravan tyre safety advice to consider:

Caravan Tyre Safety This Easter Holidays

The original tyres on your caravan were chosen by the caravan manufacturers, taking into account all aspects of operation. Stay with the same type wherever possible and consult with an expert at Car Clinic MOT Centre if you are unsure. The same tyre type – radial or cross-ply – should be on all tyres on the same axle, and they should have the same pressure, size, load index and speed rating.

Whatever tyres are fitted to your caravan, they must be correctly inflated. Keeping tyres properly inflated means they have more even wear and last longer. Fuel costs can be reduced by ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated. Tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are cold. We recommend that a spare wheel is carried for your caravan, as car tyres are unlikely to be compatible. The spare tyre should match the existing tyres exactly.

Caravan Tyre Safety – Dos and Don’ts:

  • Fit the right kind of tyres on your caravan
  • Avoid rapid manoeuvres
  • Check your tyre pressures with an accurate tyre pressure gauge
  • Make sure your tyres are in good condition before travelling Do not overload your caravan
  • Regularly check your caravan tyres for signs of damage and remove any trapped stones
  • Drive at comfortable speeds – always within the speed limit
  • Respect the caravan manufacturer’s tyre recommendations at all times

Tyres from Car Clinic MOT Centre

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