Interim CAR Service Great Sutton

We recommend that your vehicle has a service either every 6,000 miles or every six months, whichever one comes sooner. A Great Sutton interim service helps to keep your car safe and roadworthy between your full services.

Great Sutton Interim CAR Service at Car Clinic MOT Centre

Our Great Sutton Interim Service is the ideal option for:

  • Drivers that use their vehicle regularly to take short journeys in and around town. Shorter journeys put a strain on certain parts, for example, the exhaust system and battery.
  • Those drivers who travel a lot of miles. Motorway miles tend to cause less wear on a vehicle, but your tyres and brakes take more of a beating. An interim service gives you peace of mind between your annual services.
  • Drivers of cars whose manufacturers recommend a service schedule that incorporates checks between regular services.

What is checked in a Great Sutton Interim Service?

When you have a service at Car Clinic MOT Centre Great Sutton, we check over all of the essential parts of your vehicle including:

  • Headlights
  • Indicators
  • Fog lights
  • Instruments and displays
  • Fluid levels
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Windscreen wipers

If we find that any of the items need to be replaced, then we inform you. The interim service offers peace of mind and is far more cost-effective than waiting for the vehicle to break down and potentially cause further damage as a result.

Tyre and Suspension Checks at Car Clinic MOT Centre

We also complete a full tyre and suspension inspection as part of the interim service to make sure that these important areas are safe and road legal. We visually inspect the condition of the brakes and advise you if any parts need to be replaced or repaired.

Are you worried about the condition of your car? Don’t delay, call Car Clinic MOT Centre 0151 339 0101 today for a free Great Sutton car repair price and book an interim service or Great Sutton full service for your vehicle at the same time.

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