Car Maintenance Checks

Car Maintenance Checks

Don’t wait for your MOT to check your vehicle is in working order. There are several car maintenance checks you can do yourself to ensure your car is roadworthy.

Car Maintenance Checks

1. Tyre tread

Your car’s tyres are very important, so inspect them frequently – especially the tread depth. Making sure each tyre has enough tread is vital to make your car grip in the wet. Each tyre on your vehicle must have 1.6mm of tread or more. If you are caught with tyres with tread depths below the limit, you will get a fine and points on your licence – per tyre.

2. Tyre pressure

As well as tread depth, measure tyre pressure regularly. Your vehicle’s handling can be erratic if your tyres are wrongly inflated, and it affects grip. This is dangerous at high speeds. The correct tyre pressures are in your car manual or door sill.

3. Engine oil levels

Checking the engine oil is easy. Make sure the engine is cold then open the bonnet. Find the dipstick, pull it out of its tube and wipe off the excess oil with a cloth. Push it all the way in and pull it out again, looking where the oil stuck to it. Markings on the end indicate if your oil level is low.

4. Lights

You should check your headlights, indicators, reversing, fog and brake lights all work properly. This is quick to do and easier if someone helps you. Alternatively, park by a window and use the reflection.

5. Screen Wash and windscreen wipers

Make sure your wipers don’t leave streaks or smears on the window and top up your windscreen fluid if it gets low.

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