Car Clinic MOT Centre Now Offers R1234yf Air Con Re-Gas

At Car Clinic Ellesmere port, we now offer two types of air conditioning gas: the older R134a air con re-gas and a newer option: R1234yf air con re-gas.

Car Clinic MOT Centre Now Offers R1234yf Air Con Re-Gas

Car Clinic MOT Centre Now Offers R1234yf Air Con Re-Gas

R1234yf is a new refrigerant gas that was developed by DuPont and Honeywell to replace R134a in car A/C systems. It has a GWP (global warming potential) of less than 1, meaning a kilogram of R1234yf in the atmosphere has less greenhouse effect than a kilogram of CO2. The older gas, R134a, has a GWP of 1430.

The automotive industry did many years of research to find a replacement for R134a gas. The new type considerably decreases the environmental impact of A/C systems and newer systems are designed to stop the refrigerant from leaking into your car’s cabin. Unlike the older R12 refrigerant, which was banned back in 1996, R134a is still going to remain available for servicing existing car air conditioning units, so there is no need to upgrade your car’s A/C system to convert it from R134a gas to R1234yf.

Ellesmere Port Air Con Re-Gas

We think we are the cheapest Ellesmere Port garage for air-con refills with our new pricing structure:

You pay for the aircon service (this includes your pag oil and dye) and the amount of gas actually used.

You only pay for the gas we use – our machines are automated and provide a print out to show how many grams of gas we used – an average car holds around 500g of refrigerant gas in its a/c System and 90 per cent of vehicles only need a small refrigerant top-up.

Car Clinic Ellesmere Port A/C Regas

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