Car Clinic MOT Centre Motoring Advice For Winter

With winter firmly here, Car Clinic MOT Centre has some motoring advice for winter to keep you safe on the road.

Motoring Advice For Winter – Carry the right kit

Prepare for winter by having the right equipment to hand in case you break down. Make sure you take a phone charger with you. Put a tow rope, jump leads, a spade and warning triangle in the boot, and keep a torch in the glove box. It’s also good practice to carry bottled water, blankets, a first aid kit and a high-vis jacket.

Keep it clean

The grit used to melt ice on the roads can damage your car’s bodywork, so watch out for rust, and touch up paint chips as soon as possible. Wax the exterior before cold weather sets in. It’s advisable to pressure wash the underside of your car to remove any salt.

Bright lights

Lights can get covered in dirt from the road. Make sure they all work and upgrade to stronger bulbs if necessary. It’s advised to wipe down the lights at least once a week. If you need Ellesmere Port replacement bulbs call in today.

Check anti-freeze

Maintaining the right level of antifreeze is essential as freezing temperatures can damage your engine. Your manual tells you the right type of antifreeze to use for your car and the amount it needs. Check the hoses for crack. Never fill fluids with the engine warm – wait for it to cool down first.

Keep a clear view

Spray and slush can obscure the view through your windscreen. Your windscreen wipers are the only defence against this. Make sure the wipers work smoothly and don’t leave streaks and keep the washer fluid topped up.

Keep your battery charged

In colder temperatures, a car’s battery is under greater pressure. If the car is not used often, it might be worth investing in a trickle charger to top it up. You may find a new battery is needed to start your car in winter. Call in today for a free Ellesmere Port batteries check.

Tread carefully!

Balding tyres are a safety hazard so check that the tread depth is legal (it must be 1.6mm). The deeper the tread, the greater the grip so it’s recommended that tyres with less than 3mm of tread are replaced. Consider investing in a set of winter tyres if you live in a rural or hilly area.

We hope you make good use of our motoring advice for winter however if you need any further advice call our Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port garages now for a free no obligation quote and book a winter Ellesmere Port car servicing appointment for your vehicle at the same time.