Car Clinic Guide To Buying New Van Tyres

Here are some things you need to consider when buying new van tyres.

Car Clinic Guide To Buying New Van Tyres

1. Know what you want and what you need

How you use your van determines what sort of tyres you need. Factors like the average payload, the distance you travel, whether work takes you on uneven roads (such as building sites) and the level of comfort you require will all affect your decision making. Fitting the right tyres for how you use the vehicle means your van will perform better, you’ll be safer and you’ll spend less on tyres.

2. Make sure you have sufficient structural strength

Van tyres aren’t the same as car tyres. They are designed to carry heavier loads, run at higher pressures, and are more robust. Different types of van tyres offer different load carrying capabilities.

Tyres described as XL (Extra Load) or RF (Reinforced) are based on standard car tyres, but are reinforced to carry higher loads, and inflate to a higher pressure. Those designated as ‘C’ tyres are designed especially for use on vans and can carry higher loads.

3. The right tyres keep you safe

Premium van tyres are made from higher quality advanced compounds and have special tread patterns to give better grip on wet roads. That means shorter stopping distances and less risk of aquaplaning.

4. Save fuel with low rolling resistance tyres

If your van is out all day clocking up the miles the tyres you choose will play a major role in fuel economy. By choosing low rolling resistance tyres, you’ll emit less CO2 and reduce fuel consumption.

5. Short term savings can mean higher costs in the long run

It’s tempting to fit the cheapest tyres you can. However, budget tyres will not last as long as premium tyres and may fail prematurely if used in demanding circumstances. Premium van tyres have hard-wearing treads, a strong carcass, and reinforced sidewalls. A “scuff rib” on the sidewall protects the tyre from kerbing damage.

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