Car 4 Wheel Alignment

Car 4 Wheel Alignment £70

Do you know what car wheel alignment is? Do you realise why wheel alignment is so important for your car? Read on to find out more about the car 4 wheel alignment service from Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port.

Car 4 Wheel Alignment

It is really important that all of the wheels on your car are pointing in the same direction. It is not so simple as just checking the car’s wheels seem to be all aligned by sight. We use special equipment to ensure that the wheels are exactly right, as each car manufacturer has different settings and tolerances.

What If my Car Wheels are Not Aligned?

Misaligned car wheels can cause a number of problems, from uneven tyre wear to the risk of losing control of the car at high speeds. If your car wheels are not aligned then your car might pull to one side or the other, or respond to steering input wrong. Your steering could be sluggish and slow or twitchy.

When Should I have my Car Wheel Alignment Checked?

Every time one or more car tyres is replaced or repaired you should have a check of your car wheel alignment. Different car tyres have different properties, and you might have knocked your car wheels out of alignment when the incident that caused your car tyre to become damaged occurred. You should also check if your car begins to pull to one side or if steering of the car does not feel right.

The following video shows how we align car wheels using specialist equipment at our Ellesmere Port Garage. Call us today and we can check your car tyres are properly aligned.

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