Can Daytime Running Lights Cause Confusion?

They have been a requirement on all new cars and vans made in the EU since 2011, but are daytime running lights causing confusion?

Can Daytime Running Lights Cause Confusion?

Daytime lights on your car are intended to make cars more visible in daylight conditions. They automatically switch on whenever the engine is running and are switched off when the main headlight beams are engaged. They are not just designed for drivers to see where they are going, but also to enable other road users to be able to see the vehicle.

The confusion, according to the RAC is caused because although all new vehicles are required to have daytime running lights on the front, it is not a legal requirement to fit them to the rear –with some manufacturers choosing to do so, and others choosing not to do so.

62% of respondents to a recent RAC survey described seeing other vehicles driving in dull overcast conditions with their lights on at the front, but not at the rear.

Pete Williams, the RAC’s road safety spokesperson, said: “This is a potentially very worrying finding as it implies many motorists are driving around without their rear lights on, in the belief that because the daytime running lights that automatically come on at the front are also showing at the rear. Alternatively, and just as concerning, is the possibility that these drivers could have decided that the light conditions were not bad enough to warrant turning on their lights at all.

“Although daytime running lights bring a valuable safety benefit to Britain’s roads, it would be a good idea for every driver to take a few minutes to ensure they are aware whether or not the vehicles they drive have them.”

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