Can Car Clinic MOT Centre Recommend Off Road 4×4 Tyres?

Ellesmere Port 4×4 tyres come in many different types and sizes. They are suitable for use on off-road vehicles as well as on the road. As 4×4 ownership in the UK has increased, so has the demand for suitable tyres. Car Clinic MOT Centre stock a range of 4×4 tyres for use on-road or off-road – from all the best-known tyre brands.

Why Use Off Road 4×4 Tyres?

Here are some benefits of using 4×4 tyres on your car:

  • Better traction – 4×4 tyres are designed for off-road use, so they are suitable for tricky terrain. Snow and soft ground can be troublesome for normal tyres, and they get stuck.
  • Built tougher to take big loads – 4×4 tyres tend to have a higher load index and a more rigid sidewall than ordinary tyres. They can handle very heavy loads so are ideal for moving bulky goods.
  • Designed for 4x4s – Because all four wheels share the job of propelling the vehicle, it is important to choose tyres intended for 4-wheel drive. Ordinary tyres will wear more quickly. 

How do Ellesmere Port tyres work?

Ellesmere Port 4×4 tyres have a special tread pattern that has wider spaces compared to ordinary tyres. They have a larger tread block, and the grooves are cut deeper. The tyres get a better grip on tough terrain like snow or mud without the tread becoming clogged.

Which Ellesmere Port tyres do I need?

The type of tyre you should choose depends on how you intend to use them. If your vehicle is used only on roads and motorways, then a road tyre will be best. These are like to standard car tyres but with a tread pattern that is suitable for occasional off-road use.

If you use the vehicle primarily off-road, then special off-road tyres will give the best handling. They are not intended for use on the road – if you drive on them on the tarmac, you will hear more from road-noise, they will wear quicker, and you will have increased fuel consumption.

Choose Tyres Ellesmere Port for Tyres

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