Cambelt Replacement

The timing belt (cambelt) is one of the most critical components of an engine, and they need to be replaced periodically. If you're unsure whether it's time for a cambelt replacement, book an appointment with our expert technicians today. Even if it is not due, wear to the cambelt can cause massive damage to the engine.

What does a Timing Belt do?

The timing belt links the top of and bottom parts of the engine. It matches up the timing of the ignition with the pistons inside the engine. Over time it can wear and make a squealing noise – but often you will not realise this fragile component needs to be replaced until it snaps, by which time it is too late!

Cambelt Replacement  Ellesmere Port

Over time, the cambelt can become damaged or worn. Our expert technicians can assess your cambelt based on the car's age and mileage, and advise whether a replacement is needed. If a cambelt replacement Ellesmere Port is needed, then we can quote you a cost straight away. Replacing a cambelt is an essential task and usually has to be done between every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Timing Belt Replacement Ellesmere Port

The cost of timing belt/cambelt replacement Ellesmere Port does vary between makes and models of car. Our trained timing belt technicians will be able to assess if you need a new cambelt based on the wear of your belt, your car’s mileage and the manufacturer’s recommendations. We'll be able to let you know the timing belt replacement Ellesmere Port costs once we have made this assessment. Usually, the water pump needs to be replaced at the same time as the cambelt.

Why Do I need Cambelt Replacement Ellesmere Port?

If a timing belt breaks, the consequences can be severe. In most engines, any valves that are fully open when the timing belt breaks will be hit by the piston and be damaged or broken. This could effectively destroy the entire engine.

All of the replacement cambelts we use at The Car Clinic MOT Centre Ellesmere Port match the original specification and are fitted by our fully trained & qualified technicians. For a free Ellesmere Port car repairs quote or cambelt replacement quote just give us a call or pop in.

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