Bosch Car Batteries Ellesmere Port

Bosch Car Batteries Ellesmere Port

The battery is a critical part of your van, car or motorhome. It’s there to start the vehicle going, and on cold winters mornings, you will soon notice if it is getting flat! The battery gets recharged as you drive along, but eventually its capacity drops – just like a mobile phone’s battery – and so when your car won’t start you will be in need of a replacement. Car Clinic MOT Centre is the best place to get new Bosch car batteries in Ellesmere Port. We stock a few different brands so do not put it off: have the battery replaced in your vehicle before you have no choice!

Bosch Car Batteries

Bosch is one of the best-known manufacturers of car batteries.

Bosch S6 High-Performance Batteries

Bosch S6 High-Performance AGM Batteries provide excellent peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems and features such as regenerative braking. The Bosch S6’s AGM™ technology satisfies the highest starting and power supply standards even in extremes of heat and cold.

S5 Batteries

The Bosch S5 Car Battery is suited for premium cars including upper-class domestic, imported vehicles and vehicles with a large amount of electrical equipment. The Bosch S5 Battery delivers dependable power in extremes of temperature and other high-demand situations.

Bosch S4 Batteries

The S4 is Bosch’s all-around battery. It is focused on mid-size cars, which tends to have an average number of electrical consumers.

Bosch S3 Batteries

The Bosch S3 Battery is an economical solution best suited for older cars that have less electrical equipment and no stop-start systems.

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