BMW is the Most Expensive Car to run in the UK

New research by the website MoneySuperMarket has revealed that BMW cars are the most costly vehicles to run in the UK, even though they are used for the least journeys.

BMW is the Most Expensive Car to run in the UK

BMW drivers spend an average of £2,411 on their running costs every year – which is 29% higher than the most common cost, £1,688. This includes annual spending on things like fuel, insurance, cleaning, MOTs, road tax and things like speeding fines and parking charges.

Despite the higher costs of ownership, BMW drivers actually use their cars the least over the year, making just 292 journeys on average. This works out to a cost per journey of £8.26 – 59% higher than the price for a Citroen car, which is £5.18 per drive.

Toyotas are almost as expensive as BMWs to run, costing their owners £2,085 a year (about £6.26 per use for each of their 333 trips.)

Another German brand, Volkswagen takes the third place spot, with the brand’s owners spending up to £1,900 on their 321 journeys a year – which works out at £5.92 per use.

In fourth place comes Peugeot, the annual cost of their vehicles is £1,785 over 374 journeys or £4.77 per trip.

Meanwhile, the lowest running costs are for Citroen (£1,647), Ford (£1,756) and Vauxhall (£1,770).

Fuel makes up the majority of the annual spend, at an average of £1,124 a year. Other costs include Insurance (£374), Vehicle Excise Duty (£170), routine servicing and maintenance (£138) and washing and cleaning the car(£60).

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