Best Saloon Cars Of 2020

Hatchbacks may be the default template for smaller cars, but the classic saloon “three-box” design endures as the basis of many manufacturers’ ranges. Read our article on the best saloon cars of 2020…

Best Saloon Cars Of 2020

Here is our pick of the year’s best saloons.

Volvo S60

Volvo has positioned itself as an alternative to BMW, Mercedes and Audi. It follows a familiar formula combining efficiency with power and all-wheel drive. The attraction is in the class of the execution, the car exuding Scandinavian design and culture.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

From the simplicity of its three-box design to the performance of its twin-cam engines the Alfa Romeo Giulia sets the template for a sporting saloon.

Audi A4

Saloon cars are associated with status. Those in the corporate world may not wear uniforms of rank but the company car serves a similar purpose. Audi is the brand with its finger on the pulse judging by its prevalence on the outside lanes of motorways. The updated A4 combines understated style with lots of digital tech in a winning blend.

Mazda 6

You can buy a Passat, Mondeo or Insignia but you can also have something slinky and stylish for similar money.  Mazda’s spirit is present inside and out, its Japanese design making it elegant and distinctive. The interior is sumptuous and minimalist

Jaguar XE

The much-heralded ‘baby Jag’ came with huge expectation but the shrinking saloon market has left Jaguar relying on SUVs for volume sales. The XE is a lovely looking car thanks to its Ian Callum design and its sporty, rear-wheel-drive setup makes it a delight to drive.

Toyota Corolla Saloon

Toyota Corollas rarely set the pulse racing but the latest Corolla has style. The hatchback is the best all-rounder but the saloon is better looking!

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