Autumn and Winter Tyre Advice

Wet, icy and slippery roads in autumn and winter can create a whole host of challenges for car drivers. Read our autumn and winter tyre advice for some helpful information.

Autumn and Winter Tyre Advice

When it comes to tyres, there are three areas to keep your eye on.


Wrongly inflated tyres affect the handling, so maintaining the right pressure is essential. Your car handbook should include the pressure settings for your tyres. Inflating tyres is something we can all do. If you’re not sure whether or not they need inflating, consider picking up a tyre pressure gauge.

Tread depth

The minimum tread depth for tyres by law is 1.6mm. You could use the 20p trick, but we’d recommend taking a more precise measuring method with a tyre depth gauge

Overall condition

Watch out for cuts, split or nicks in your tyres, as well as glass, nails or screws that are embedded in the rubber. These could cause a puncture. We also recommend checking your spare tyre – the last thing you want is to find that it’s punctured in an emergency.

All-season and winter tyres

One way to help your car to make the most of the colder, icier weather is to equip it with a set of all-season tyres. These are also known as ‘all-weather tyres’. They have the ability to adapt to the changing weather conditions all year round.

They can cope with both the summer and winter temperatures in the UK, and they are also designed to work well in heavy rainfall and slippery roads. As the weather can be notoriously unpredictable, an all-season tyre is definitely worth investigating if you prefer tyres you can trust whatever the season.

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