Air Conditioning Re-gas: What Is R1234yf?

What Is R1234yf

Your car’s air conditioning can lose between 10-15% of its efficiency per year, so be sure to get your air-conditioning checked regularly. We offer a free checking service, so call in if you think your system is blowing hot air rather than cold and we can check it out!

Air Conditioning Re-gas: What Is R1234yf?

R1234yf is a synthetic refrigerant that was developed by DuPont and Honeywell as a replacement for R134a in car air-conditioning systems. Its GWP (global warming potential) is low, with a rating of less than 1. One kilogram of R1234yf released into the atmosphere has a lower greenhouse effect than a single kilogram of carbon dioxide. By way of comparison, R134a ‘s GWP is 1430.

It took many years of research were by the automotive industry to find a suitable replacement for R134a. The new gas considerably improves compliance with legal standards. Systems with this gas are designed to prevent refrigerant leakage into the car’s cabin.

Unlike the R12 refrigerant, which was banned in 1996, supplies of R134a are going to remain available for servicing existing car air conditioning equipment, and there is no need to upgrade or replace your car’s A/C system to convert it from running on R134a gas to the newer R1234yf standard.

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It is recommended that you have your air conditioning system recharged every two years in order for it to keep running as efficiently as possible and keep your car ice cool in the summer. This service is not typically included as part of the standard annual car servicing, and so it can often be overlooked by vehicle owners. If your car is two years old or more then it is more than likely due for an air-con re-gas.

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