A Quarter Of Motorists Had MOTs During Lockdown

More than a quarter of motorists who were eligible for an MOT extension during the coronavirus lockdown still took their vehicle for a test, new figures have revealed. The research showed that drivers chose to take an MOT rather than relying on the automatic extension, with German car owners being most likely to do so.

A Quarter Of Motorists Had MOTs During Lockdown

Mercedes owners were the most likely drivers to take their car in for a lockdown MOT, with a third of eligible vehicles having an MOT during April and May despite being able to extend the due date by six months. They were followed by BMW owners and Audi owners with Mini and Fiat finishing the top five. Only a fifth of Hondas was taken for a test and about a quarter of Toyotas and Volvos.

The analysis shows some interesting differences between the owners of different makes of car. The owners most likely to take an MOT were the drivers of premium marques. These drivers have maybe used their cars for essential journeys during the lockdown and wanted peace of mind, or they may assume that maintaining the MOT record helps resale value.

The majority of drivers did not take their car for an unneeded test during the last three months, so as lockdown eases and traffic volumes get back to their normal levels, drivers who have taken advantage of the government’s MOT extension are advised to carry out checks, especially of tyres and brakes, which are the most common causes for dangerous MOT failures.

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