5 Car Maintenance Checks You Should Do Regularly

Don’t wait for your MOT and service to check that your vehicle is in working order. There are several quick car maintenance checks you can do yourself to regularly ensure that your car is roadworthy.

1. Car Maintenance Checks – Tyre tread

Your car’s tyres are important, so inspect them frequently – especially their tread depth. Making sure each tyre has sufficient tread is vital to make your car grip the road, particularly in the wet. The law says that each tyre on your vehicle must have at least 1.6mm of tread. If the police catch you with one or more tyres Ellesmere Port with a tread depth below the legal limit, you can receive a fine and penalty points on your licence.

2. Car Maintenance Checks – Tyre pressure

As well as tread depth, get into the habit of measuring tyre pressure regularly. Your vehicle’s handling can become erratic if your tyres are wrongly inflated, and it can affect road grip. This is especially dangerous at high speeds. To find the correct pressure for your tyres, refer to your car manual. You will usually also find this information on a sticker on the driver’s door sill.

3. Car Maintenance Checks – Engine oil levels

Checking your engine oil level is easy. First, make sure your engine is switched off and cold. Then, open the bonnet and find the dipstick, which is usually a bright colour. Pull it out of its tube and wipe off any excess oil with a cloth. Then, push it all the way into its tube and pull it straight out again, looking where oil has stuck to it. Markings on the end will help you determine if your oil level is too low.

4. Car Maintenance Checks – Lights

You should check that your headlights, indicators, reversing lights, fog lights and brake lights all work properly. This is quick and simple to do, but it is easier if someone helps you. Alternatively, park near a window and use the car’s reflection to check your lights work properly.

5. Car Maintenance Checks – Screenwash and windscreen wipers

Make sure your windscreen wipers, don’t leave streaks or smears on the window and top up the windscreen fluid when it gets low.

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